System Alert - v6.3 is live: new templates, better beamer, custom translations

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New Features Live In Your MailChimp Account

New Features Added

v6.3 is now live across all MailChimp accounts. Some of the new features:
  • 21 more beautiful new email templates (9 of which are super for non-profits)
  • Email Beamer: Send MailChimp campaigns from your mobile device or any email app (like Outlook, Gmail, etc) via private email address that we give each of your lists.
  • Custom translations: Our international users can now translate their MailChimp forms any way they want. 

(For Our Power Users & Nerds)

  • HairBall is a desktop app we launched in August. It's for users with very large lists who want to do complex segmentation (stuff that's a little slow to do in a web app). Despite the funny name, it's extremely fast and powerful. And we just added the ability to nest your segments. If you're a power user, your head probably just exploded. Sincere apologies.
  • OAuth2: Developers of apps that integrate with MailChimp can now use OAuth2, which eliminates the need to request sensitive account credentials. Hear that? Way off in the distance, security nerds are cheering.
  • E-commerce store owners who use Shopify will love the new Chimpified plugin, because you can create campaigns with items from your store in just a few clicks (among other enhancements).

In case you missed it


— The MailChimp Team

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