SurveyMonkey integration, speed improvements

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Every four weeks, we launch new features in MailChimp. We'll try to keep you updated on all the changes in a quick, easy to read way. Here's a summary of what we launched most recently...

SurveyMonkey Integration

We integrated with SurveyMonkey. So you can build your survey inside SurveyMonkey, then link over to MailChimp. We'll load up one of our new SurveyMonkey email templates, then all you have to do is click "send."

Cool Benefits:

  1. You'll get survey stats inside your MailChimp campaign reports, including who started the survey, who completed the survey, and who's still in progress
  2. You can send to targeted list segments (look for the blue "send to segment" button), based on survey completion status. So you can send a reminder email to those who haven't completed the survey, or send a thank you email to those who have. 
The full story is on the MailChimp Blog (including details on how to get the limited run "this is bananas" t-shirt) and our Knowledge Base has some step-by-step instructions, and if you prefer your news from simians with tails, you can read SurveyMonkey's take on all this.

Delivery Speed Improvements

Our delivery ops team has been working hard on optimizing and speeding up our delivery engines. You can follow along with Matthew in: Those of you with very large lists should see your emails getting delivered much faster. The rest of you should feel things getting a little zippier in general, because those large list deliveries aren't backing up the system as much. 

In case you missed it


— The MailChimp Team

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We also just launched a new MailChimp server status page, to answer the question, "Hey, is MailChimp down right now?"
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