0 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Photos to Stock Photo Sites

10 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Photos to Stock Photo Sites

A quick and easy way to make money with your photos is by submitting them to stock photo sites online. You can start earning money with the photos that are already in your hard drive; you don't even have to take new photos right away.

If you want a step-by-step guide to monetizing your digital photos through stock photo sites and other ways, check out Turn Your Photos Into Cash.

Meantime, you can get started right now. But do make sure you don't make these 10 mistakes when you submit photos in stock photo sites:

1. Submitting low-quality photos. Don't waste your time and energy. Nobody wants blurred, under-exposed and other types of low-quality photos.

2. Not doing keyword research. The right keyword list can make or break the profitability of your photos.

3. Submitting photos that you don't own. You can get into real big trouble for doing this.

4. Submitting photos of people without a "model waiver." Know when you need a model waiver and always get one when necessary.

5. Submitting photos of objects owned by other people without a "property waiver." This is another legal requirement you should be aware of to avoid future headaches.

6. Submitting photos that don't meet the stock photo site's standards. You may think your photo is perfect but each site has its own standards, including minimum size, etc. Double check before submitting.

7. Submitting photos that have unwanted elements. Some items are simply unacceptable in photos. Find out which ones they are and either edit them out or avoid them altogether.

8. Submitting photos to stock photo sites which require exclusive contracts. Don't submit to these sites.

9. Submitting photos of mundane objects. Why bother when demand is low and they're all over the web already?

10. Submitting over-edited photos. Over-editing can drastically reduce the quality of your photos, causing them to be rejected.

If you want more detailed guidance on submitting to stock photo sites, I recommend Turn Your Photos Into Cash.

Aside from making money on stock photo sites, this fact-filled Ebook teaches a number of other ways you to turn digital photography from a hobby to a home business - a profitable one at that.

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First things first. My name is Sherry Han, I'm a 21 year old College student, and for almost two years now  I've been keeping a very lucrative secret all to myself.

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"The Real World..."

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The sad truth is that about 95% of people trying to make money online never make anything! (That figure is based off my experience and the common acceptance, not an actual study.)

On top of all this overhyped, embarrassing garbage, you're just tired of listening to "gurus" say how simple everything is. Sure, it may be easy for them, but when you read their "secrets", you can't help but feel that a critical link is missing.

All of this just makes you want to pull out your hair in frustration and disappointment!

You see, "gurus" have three things you don't... experience, connections and time.

1 solar wind product for 2 years

you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you! With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating our own electricity.

Over the last few years I have figured out how to significantly reduce the cost of solar panels making it more affordable for the average home owner just like you.

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I'm going to be your "solar mentor" and show you step-by-step how to make a solar panel. I'll also teach you my other secrets to renewable energy in an easy to follow format.

Did you know? A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 30 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000?

This is simply too much for many to afford and the pay back time is far too long. This prompted me to do some research into how the solar panels are created and how I could make them myself.

I soon realized it was possible to make solar panels for MUCH cheaper than retail price, saving me thousands. Moreover, it was actually easier than I thought!

That's when I decided to develop this guide with my close friend Mark (A solar nut!).

Keep reading to see what Mark and I have put together for you.


If you have already contacted your local solar supplier then I'm sure you already know how expensive installation can be.


You probably thought - "That's far too much for me to afford".

But now there is an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to make solar panels for much cheaper than retail cost. Mark and I developed this guide and video series so people just like you can save thousands on your solar panel system.
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Another thing to think about: After you install the solar panels on your home the value of your home will increase by thousands.    

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I was looking to purchase a few retail solar panels for my home but after looking at the price of them it just made sense to build my own.

After going through your materials I managed to build 2 solar panels for under $100! They are just small panels but this is all I need for the lighting and fridge in my courtyard.

You don't need to be a builder, anybody can make solar panels. It's really quite easy to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets. Plus, our guide is broken down into an easy to follow format that will walk you through step-by-step.

We will provide you with plenty of pictures and diagrams for you to look at but if you still need help, just email us! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

After we created our solar panel guide we wanted to know if it was easy enough for the "Average joe" to follow.
We found 43 people (male and female) who were interested in solar but knew nothing about making panels, we gave them our guide and came back in a month to see what they have built.

All 43 of the "solar newbies" were able to create a well polished solar panel that generated enough electricity to run some household appliances!    

Anybody can do this. Male, female and from any age group. This is a great opportunity to save money and go green at the same time.


2 Track and Field Coaching Legend's

Whether you coach high schoolers or Olympic Champions, one fact remains clear:

To succeed at the highest levels, you need to learn from and study the best. And, for my money, that means going to the coaches who Olympic coaches go to when they have questions about training.

But here's the problem…

Before now, if you wanted access to their information, you had to attend one of the rare (and elite level) conferences they spoke at. (Or try to piece together clips of video scattered all over the Internet.)

I have good news. Those days are over.

My name is Kebba Tolbert and I have the good fortune of calling one of these coaching legends my mentor. This experience has had a profound impact on my own coaching career and I want to share some of what I've learned with you.

I recently hosted and filmed a private 'Learning from the Legends' seminar where they laid out their training methods for the sprints, hurdles, jumps and throws… over the course of 7.5 hours.

And, for the first time ever, you can get immediate access to the full contents of that seminar and learn directly from the Kings of Kings.

A member of the U.S. Track Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Tellez has produced some of the greatest track and field performers in the history of the sport.

In addition to coaching outstanding individual athletes, Tellez also had some successful teams during his 22 years as head coach at Houston. He led the men's team to nine Top 10 showings at the NCAA indoor meet, including a fourth-place finish in 1996. He also guided UH to six Top 15 finishes at the NCAA outdoor meet. The UH men won the 1997 and 1998 indoor and outdoor Conference USA titles, as well as the 1977 and 1978 Southwest Conference indoor titles.

In addition to his success as UH's men's coach, Tellez also began the Lady Cougar program and led them to three Top 10 finishes at the NCAA Indoor Championships and eight Top 20 finishes at the NCAA Outdoor meet. Houston also won the 1983, 1984 and 1987 SWC indoor titles and the 1984 and 1990 SWC outdoor championships under his direction.

Before Houston, Tellez was an assistant coach at UCLA beginning in 1968. While at UCLA, he coached Dwight Stones, Mike Tully, Willie Banks and James Butts. In 1976, he was offered the chance to become the strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry. Instead, he opted to come to Hous­ton. In addition to his success at Houston, Tellez enjoyed tremendous success on the international circuit as well. Between 1984 and 1996, six of the seven United States sprinters who won Olympic Gold Medals were coached by Tellez and seven of the USA's overall 13 medals were claimed by his athletes.

He was named the head coach for the 1991 U.S. national team that competed in the World Championships at Tokyo, Japan and was the head coach for the 1987 USA Pan American team. He also served as an assistant coach for the 1980 and 1984 USA Olympic teams. He coached the throwing events in 1980 and the jumping events in 1984.


3 Net Lease Profits Course

Make fast and easy cash through real estate... like a pro - without having any formal training and with the bank lending you money without looking at your credit score.       

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You see, as a real estate investor and a US citizen, I know that with our nations shaky economy, soaring gas prices, and companies slashing jobs left and right, right now it's tough for almost everyone to make ends meet.

 But regardless of whatever your financial situation is right now, one thing is for sure: You can't depend on the economy or your job—What you need is to lock in a secure and prosperous future for yourself.

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Triple Net Leasing
What is triple net leasing?

A triple net lease is a type of commercial leasing agreement. In a triple net lease, the lessee pays taxes, insurance, and maintenance in addition to the rent. The length of a triple net lease can vary, but many leases last for at least 50 years, but here's

Why it's the best option to build commercial real estate wealth

It's simple: The triple net lease, which is sometimes called a true net lease, because the landlord, which will be you, usually has no responsibilities related to building upkeep—That's why many commercial landlords favor triple net leasing options.

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The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.

Did you know that there are 4 important secrets about training dogs (or any other animals), that can make YOU capable of solving every behavior problem you will ever meet - and teach any new behavior or trick you can imagine?

Did you know that regardless of whether you have just gotten your first puppy or whether you are already an exerienced dog owner or trainer - learning these secrets could change your life?

Did you know that everything you have heard about clicker training until now may be just the tip of the iceberg?

Did you know that most people using clicker training today never really unleash the full potential of this powerful technology?

Well, that is going to change for you, my friend...
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Meet Emma. She is the kind of dog trainer who is able to solve ANY kind of dog problem. No matter what kind of dog, no matter what kind of behavior problem. Emma knows exactly how to analyze the problem, design a training plan and fix it. And dogs just love her!
Emma used to be just like most other dog owners. She believed that advanced dog training was only for experts with special talents (you know, like the "dog whisperers" on TV).

But then Emma learned about Clicker Training and the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer. And when you know these secrets your life changes. Because now you always know where to look for solutions when you want to fix a problem, teach a new behavior or improve your training.

When YOU learn these 4 secrets you too will be ready to face ANY training challenge. And just like Emma you will be laughing at "dog whisperers" with all their superstitious explanations.

Because you will know that dog training is not magic - its SCIENCE. And everyone can learn these scientific principles and use them effectively in their training.
So, where do I learn more about these secrets?

Let´s introduce you to our bestselling dog training book: Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.

This book was first published in our homeland, Norway. It became a great success and was soon translated and published in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Today the book has sold more than 45000 hard copies and has become the #1 clicker training resource in the Nordic countries (and believe me, Norway and Sweden are known for having some of the best dog trainers in the world!).

After many requests the book is now finally available in English. And best of all - you can download it to your computer right now!! In 5 minutes you can be on your way to becoming a supertrainer!


7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Who Would Have Thought That
Eating MORE Would Flatten Your Belly?!

Dear Friend,

If you haven't been able to KILL your belly bulge no matter what you've tried …

And if you're sick and tired of exercising like mad and starving yourself only to see the scale stop dead in its tracks, or even spin in the WRONG direction…

Then the PROVEN, belly-flattening breakthrough you're about to discover will be music to your ears.

In fact, on this very page, I'm going to reveal the 3 things KEEPING you from a flat belly, and then I'm going to unveil my 3 BEST sneaky tricks to KILL up to 11 pounds of unattractive belly fat, excess water, and "toxic waste" from your body in just 7 short days…

And then you'll continue to experience record weight loss until you have a flat belly fast… guaranteed. 

WARNING: The high-speed weight loss information you're about to discover is NOT for people who have a few vanity pounds to lose.  It's not for muscle-head "gym rats" with 4% body fat who already live on tuna and brown rice.  And it's certainly not for a "skinny chick" who love step aerobics and enjoys eating like a bird. 


This information is for the busy folks (like me) who LOVE TO EAT but struggle to find the energy, willpower, and extra time in their day to achieve REAL and LASTING weight loss RESULTS.
The 3 Things KEEPING You From a Flat Belly

Doctors agree that internal belly fat is the most deadly kind of body fat there is.  Studies show it dramatically increases the chance of illness such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, Alzheimer's, stroke, and even depression (suicide).

And if that wasn't bad enough, that dreaded belly bulge makes us look unattractive and it can demolish our self-esteem and confidence to boot.

But, what makes this situation even more frustrating is the fact that belly fat is considered by many to be the most stubborn and impossible weight to penetrate and burn. It's like the "Fort Knox" of body fat.  Here's why:

PROBLEM #1: Your Hormones Are Out of Whack: Chronic stress causes your body to release a fat-storing hormone called cortisol.  The more cortisol your body releases, the more belly fat you store.  Plus, eating the wrong foods causes the fat-storing hormone insulin to skyrocket, while a fat-burning hormone called glucagon gets turned off. (Hello, belly fat!)

PROBLEM #2: Your Belly-Burning Furnace Is Busted: When you want to lose a lot of weight, you should cut calories for long periods of time, right?


Cutting calories magnifies nutrient deficiencies in your body. This results in severe cravings as your brain sends emergency "low nutrient signals" to your stomach to eat more food. 

Problem is, most people end up eating more "nutrient-dead food" which causes cravings to completely spiral out of control. (If you feel hungry all the time, now you know why.)

After about a week of dieting, your body is genetically programmed to fight back by lowering the hormones responsible for keeping your metabolism humming along (like the calorie-burning thyroid hormones). At the same time, it will increase the "hunger hormone" leptin. (Double whammy.)

As a result, your weight loss will come to a screeching halt, lickity split.

At this point, to keep burning fat you'll be forced to reduce your calories even lower, and/or do MORE exercise. (Not fun… I've been there.)

PROBLEM #3: Your Food Is Laced with Obesity Additives: GIANT food manufacturers make BIG bucks creating "Frankenstein foods" that are stripped of belly-burning nutrients and stuffed full of dirt-cheap, artificial preservatives that make your belly bulge. 

I call these chemicals Obesity Additives and studies show: 

    * They cause a mineral imbalance that results in bloating and excess water weight.
    * They addict us by altering brain chemicals called neurotransmitters – just like the street drugs cocaine, morphine and nicotine do!
    * They cause pounds of "toxic waste" to accumulate in our digestive tracks. (Believe me, that belly bulge or "pooch" is not all belly fat.)

Those are the 3 BIG obstacles keeping you from EVER getting a flat belly. But don't worry: there is a real SOLUTION to these MAMMOTH problems. But, first…
Confessions of a Formerly Obese "Diet Guru"

It's true. I used to have an extra 32 pounds of blubber on my body. It was quite embarrassing really; here I was, a top "diet guru" who used to be lean and mean while working as a nutritionist for Bill Philips at the top fitness companies EAS and Body for LIFE.
Josh before and after

But, years later, those "3 big obstacles" I was just talking about finally caught up with me and I became clinically obese. Here I was, a nutritionist trying to help people get slim, but I was a balloon. Talk about feeling ashamed.

And the worst part was, none of my old tried-and-true strategies seemed to work for me anymore (like long-term, low-calorie diets).

Because of this, I had to go back to the drawing board and develop a completely NEW set of sneaky tricks designed for "hard-case" folks like me who have terrible, fat-storing genetics.

In this last-ditch effort, I took my 15 years of passion, education, and experience… studied over 1,200 new scientific studies… talked endlessly and compared notes with other experts and researchers… and used myself as a human guinea pig for months on end.

Finally, I discovered a breakthrough that allowed me to slash 11 pounds of belly fat, excess water, and toxic waste from my body in just 7 short days… and the speedy results kept coming until I finally got those 6-pack abs of my dreams!

7 Seconds Pain Relief

Are you tired of suffering from constant pain in your neck, back or shoulders?

Do you feel tired, irritable and frustrated because everything you have tried so far hasn't worked?

Have you all but convinced yourself that it may never get better and that it's going to be like this for the rest of your life?

Does an average day of dreadful pain go something like this?

Mornings are hardly bearable and you barely manage waking up just because you're still feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep caused debilitating pain. Physically getting out of bed and starting to move is a whole other chore because of the pain and stiffness. If you're heading off to work, then you're faced with a very uncomfortable drive. If you're a full time driver then an entire day of terrible pain is ahead of you. Once you start working, standing or sitting at your desk the hours of burning pain is excruciating and makes it hard to get anything done.

Just getting up to move around still feels painful and there seems to be no answer.

Perhaps the pain is so bad you're unable to work which means a huge loss of income. This affects your self-esteem, your confidence and your ability to simply enjoy life.

Activities that you once enjoyed - hobbies, sports, fun with your family and friends, all become distant memories. All the physical agony in your body translates into the disruption of normal everyday activities - basically ruining your life as you once knew it.

You wind up in a vicious circle of trying to cope with the excruciating pain just so you can rest at night. Then, you're not able to sleep well at night because you can't get comfortable. You desperately try different positions but the relief that never comes.

Then it starts all over again. Back to beginning another day unable to work as much you would normally. Back to limited movement in your body and the pain that caused your short-temper, your frustration. You're close to the breaking point.

Enjoying everyday life is a complete struggle. Your body screams out in pain, but the suffering goes unheard.
Pain is ruining your life.

You don't have to continue with this suffering! You could put an end to this excruciating pain and did you know . . .
Getting relief from this pain can be simple and accomplished in only 7 seconds

Yes, you read that correctly . . . in just 7 seconds you could be getting relief from your agonising pain.
Sound too good to be true?

You're probably wondering how this is possible since you've been trying to find an answer for so long. Well, it is possible, and thousands of people have discovered that getting relief from their unbearable pain can be very simple when they know exactly what to do.

First, let me tell you who I am . . .

My name is Roy Palmer MSTAT NDT(INPP) and I've spent over 12 years helping more than 5,000 people successfully relieve pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Many of these people include athletes and professionals who rely on their body to perform at their absolute best (and when they have that much money on the line you better believe they choose the best to help them).

What I've discovered is that almost every solution to back pain prescribed by the medical profession is only effective in helping to temporarily relieve pain, but does almost nothing to cure the root of the problem.

Most of my clients have used painkillers, cortisone injections, physical therapy and more, but none of that worked. The solution was only temporary and within hours or days the pain would come back - sometimes worse then before.

It's like putting tape over a leaky pipe instead of fixing the hole in the pipe. It works short-term, but the problem still exists, and the the pipe starts leaking again in no time.

I found that the best way to reduce and eliminate pain is to help people recondition their bodies by using my super-effective techniques. The techniques themselves only take a couple of seconds to learn, but they will quickly start reducing your pain within the first couple of minutes, and gradually remove the pain as your body starts correcting itself from years of misuse and abuse. I understand the pain you're in as I was a sufferer myself until I discovered these techniques.

Since there is no possible way for me to personally help even a small part of the million of back pain sufferers, I decided to put this program together so people other than just my personal clients can get access to these incredible techniques.

This comprehensive guide provides you with all of my experience and knowledge, along with detailed symptom traits, and instructions for how to start fixing them immediately. I break down the powerful techniques for you to use and show you how to implement them correctly and eliminate your pain.

Just a few of the people who have had success with these techniques are well-known professionals like Academy Award nominated comedian, John Cleese, best-selling author, Roald Dahl, and award-winning actors, Kevin Kline and Paul Newman.

7 Seconds To A Perfect Body

How can this be? Every fitness magazine out there tells you have to lift weights, hit the treadmill and spend hours a day training, all while slurping down expensive supplements that are the "missing link" in body mastery. And every gym instructor is telling you the same….and they are all lying to you.

Wait a minute there….surely thanks to all the modern day research and focus on health and exercise we must know every hidden secret, every little tip to makes us look trimmer and sexier? We must finally have the answer to getting the body of our dreams and the strength to live life with ease?

I thought that and I was a fitness instructor and top personal trainer, but I was wrong…in all the glamor of fitness, its increasing popularity and the rampant profiteering done it in its name, all the gadgets and gizmos, the liposuction and cosmetic tanning had only buried the truth and it lay there dormant, waiting forgotten….

And it's about to get even more unbelievable. These same techniques that will sculpt your body from the inside out will transform your strength and fitness levels. And I don't mean simple little things….like being able to carry a heavy TV with 1 arm, fly up flights of stairs like they were nothing but a single step, and easily move or lift any object….no…what I am talking about is the staggering impossible strength of the classical physical culturists...

Men who were capable of lifting an elephant or 18 people at a time. Men whose strength inspired comic book legends – able to break chains bound across their chests, catch people fired form cannons or have the superman strength to lift a grown man over head with just one arm.

Surely that's an exaggeration – a claim of science fiction? I wouldn't believe it either – but I've done it and here's the proof – opposite is a photo of me messing around and pressing my 156lbs cousin over head with JUST ONE ARM! And it's not just him, I've easily done this with no preparation time, no advanced training and on the spur of the moment with dozens of different people of different shapes and sizes. And you can too.


8-Years Depression Sufferer Dismisses His Psychiatrist

Do you find yourself suffering from a persistent empty feeling over a long period of time?
      Have you struggled with guilt and worthlessness that will not stop?
      Do you ever fear the past and have constant bleak thoughts about the future?
      Do you ever feel nervous and afraid you might lose control or go insane?
      Do you feel utter hopelessness and believe that everything you do will turn into a failure?
      Thinking about cutting yourself and believe that it will relieve the stress and pressure?
      Have a difficult time making decisions and feeling irritated over the slightest things?
      Loss of interest in activities that used to bring joy, including sex?

It's okay. It's not your fault. You may even suffer physical symptoms like drastic changes in your sleeping and eating patterns, constant restlessness and lacking the power to concentrate. I feel your pain as I had been a depression sufferer for over 8 years and I can confidently say it is not your fault.

Let me tell you why you are here. You are here because you know that being clinically depressed is not the way you want to live your life. You know that by hook or by crook, there is a way for you to overcome it. Yet that solution eludes you simply because you did not experience this process of overcoming depression one step at a time.

You may have spent years looking for me, but I have spent the better part of my entire life looking for you to tell you this-- You are "stucked" in your depression because ineffective anti-depressants and mundane psychotherapy has allowed depression to take control of your life. Depression has been your experience so long that you have begun to believe it is what you are. But it is something you have- just as for example, one has "liver disease".

Like a liver disease, depression is perceived by many to be fueled by complex and interrelated factors: genetic, biochemical, environmental. No matter what the root cause is (in which we will discuss shortly), we have unwittingly become good at depression. We have learnt how to hide it and work around it.

We may have even achieve great things, but with constant struggle rather than satisfaction.  Relying on these methods to make it through everyday, we deprive ourselves of true recovery, of deep joy and healthy emotion, or the feeling of being alive in this world. And ultimately, things will only get worse if the root cause is not treated.

Don't Assume...Know Your Depression Facts!

Assumption 1: Depression is a medical disease caused by neurochemicals

As past studies indicated, the physical symptoms are just that, symptoms and not causes.

Depression can feel like a physical disorder because you feel lethargic all the time, body aches and pain, change in sleep patterns and so on. But remember, all these physical symptoms are caused by depression and not the other way around.

Important to note is the fact that there is a reduction in neurotransmitters (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in many cases of depressed people. However, low serotonin levels are a symptoms of depression, not a cause. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that if you give up your pleasure giving activities and engage in pessimistic thinking, the lower your serotonin levels.

Assumption 2: Depression is in your genes

Depression is learned, not genetic. This is because depression has much to do with styles of thinking, behaviors and interpersonal relationships rather than DNA, and therefore abundant opportunities for people to learn the depressive styles of their family. In this sense, they are more likely to become depressed, but not by the cause of their genes, but rather their inclination to learn what they see and follow.

Assumption 3: Depression is caused by traumatic events and bad experiences

If something terrible things were to happen to you or your loved ones around you, of course it is perfectly natural to feel sad, angry, hurt or in shock. Often traumatic events can be linked to the onset of depression, but this does not mean they cause it. This is clear as we're all aware of people enduring the most horrible circumstances imaginable without becoming clinically depressed.

So What Is The Main Cause For Depression?

Depression relies how we explain things to ourselves. It's about how we respond and make sense of events. Specifically, it is our thoughts that manifest into physical symptoms as well as empowered all the negative neuron signals through our brain.

That does NOT mean that people who become depressed are to be blamed, in fact, quite the contrary as our environmental line of thinking simply conditioned us to create our current perception of things. The good news is, this gives us the important insight on how to stop depression for good.

What my program (Depression Free Method™) does is give people the ability to immediately stop their self-denial and procrastination and provide them with the tool to change their destructive way of thinking. It is very simple yet amazingly effective.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

I urge you to lock the door... take the phone off the hook...shut down your email and instant messenger...grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this message - because it's just that important!"

From: Russell Brunson
Date: Sunday, May 01, 2011

This letter isn't for everyone.  In fact, I know there will be people who unsubscribe from our list and get angry at us for even mentioning this.

I wish I could say sorry - but I can't.  I'll explain exactly why in one minute.
Here is my story about working with Vince...

You see about 4 years ago, my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate my college graduation and also the news that we are having twin boys.  About a week before we set sail, I heard a rumor about a very controversial marketing book.

I figured it would be great reading on the plane so I ordered it and made sure it would be shipped to me before I left.  I got it the day we were flying out, and put it into my backpack.

We had a 4 hour flight, so while my wife watched "Madagascar" on the plane, I started reading the book.  After reading just the introduction I saw exactly what the hype and controversy was about.

Four hours later I was annoyed that we had to get off the plane because I wasn't finished reading the book.  Over the next 7 days of our cruise I read and re-read the book 3 times!

What I read in this book blew me away.  You see, the book was written by a 28 year old guy who made over $100 million dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION) in 23 months marketing a product that sold for just $60.

Do you think that someone who knows how to sell that much product could teach you something about selling whatever it is that you are selling?

Now I'm not going to bore you with my version of what this book is about. So I decided to let the book speak for itself by sharing part of the Introduction:

21 Days To Fast Mass Building

Now you might look at me the way I look now (very top of page) and think: "Easy for you to say. You were obviously born with all the right genes…"

Well you couldn't be more wrong. As a matter of fact, genetics had nothing to do with it.

Take the sport I loved when I was a few years younger: football (Aussie Rules, of course). I lived for the game and no matter how hard I tried, my skills improved but my body didn't.

And this was the irony. I really loved the game. I knew what I had to do. But I just didn't have the body to do it.

I was 145lbs of nothing.

There was more meat on a butcher's pencil.

I was the player on the team who made you scratch your head and say, "What on earth is coach thinking?"

I was the player the other players loved to see on the other side.

I was the player who got tossed off the ball like a rag doll.

I was the young man who one day said:

My big moment came with the news I had the chance to trial for my state's football team.

But it was also my worst moment. The selection committee didn't pull any punches. I remember overhearing them from the locker room:

"He's far too weak and skinny for this level of competition."

One of the assistant coaches felt sorry for me and offered some blunt advice: "Put on 25lbs and come back next year."

He might as well have said, "Put yourself on the moon."
But I decided to take on the challenge.

For the next twelve months, the gym became my life.

I didn't know it then but on that day I started a long journey of trial and error, of success and failure, and for you, the discovery of the learnings that can save a lifetime of guesswork.

Like they say, a wise man learns from other men's failures.

Of course, I started out like every other poor soul does when setting out to put on weight and build muscle:

I read dozens of fitness magazines.

I scoured the net, searching hundreds of websites, forums and fitness blogs for advice and tips… searching for reliable information – only to come out even more confused and conflicted.

I read every book and watched every video tutorial I could get my hands on.

I picked the brains of the massive guys at the gym – disheartened to find that most of them turned to steroids in order to achieve their gains

The more I tried to understand what to do, the more I became convinced there had to be a better way to communicate the technique of building muscle.

And – more importantly – not just communicate it, but get results… because I sure as eggs wasn't getting any.

Speaking of eggs – I was LIVING on eggs. And steak. And a routine of repetitive, exhausting gym sessions.

Then one day, one of my mates said to me "I thought you were working out to put on weight?"

"I am," I replied.

"Well your workout isn't working out, is it mate?"

And he was right.


30 Minute Money Methods

Let's face it. Most people don't make money online because of time. It takes them too long to learn all the complicated 'tricks of the trade'.  It takes too long to implement systems, plans and ideas.  It takes too long for results to pay off.

However, that's no longer a problem, because I have found a shortcut to making thousands of dollars every day. And best of all, it only requires 30 minutes per day to achieve it.

I'd like to share all these "30 Minute Money Methods" with you. Best of all, if you act immediately not only will I give you the introductory 30 Minute Methods, you can also get 2 bonus methods

I'm not saying you'll get this training today and immediately do numbers like mine. But you should be able to immediately use the strategies I share with you to make hundreds dollars and your full investment back today. You can even make thousands...

31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate

Here is a summary of the
benefits you receive

          Our "31 days to Profits in Probate Real Estate" is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make BIG money in Probate Real Estate.

          There's no guesswork on your part.
          "31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate" assumes you have no background in Real Estate investing.

          We guide you every step of the way.

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          You don't need to buy anything else to get started.

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You can read this e-manual completely in one day.

No Filler

Just Facts. You'll be in action tomorrow!!

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

Here's more detail on what this manual will provide.

First - I am going to introduce you to a concept you've probably never of before -

Now step back for a second.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself,

"Have I ever heard of this idea before?"

I'm going to guess your answer is NO. The reason I can be so certain is if your answer is YES you'd already be making a fortune and you wouldn't be interested in what I have to offer because you know how lucrative it is.

So, the first benefit to you is you learn about an idea you've never heard of before.

Second - I'm going to give you a step-by-step method of how to get started with

Little or No Money

Nothing is held back!

You get everything.

When you finish my manual, you're ready to make money . . .


Tomorrow. Not two days later, Not two weeks later, Not two months later. I mean tomorrow you can go to work and know what your doing!!

I tell you how to find the heirs that NEED to, no, I'm sorry MUST, sell their properties immediately.

I give you the proven letter that I use to contact and get them to call you.

I show you what your local title company wants to give you to help you buy these properties.

I show you how to work at your local courthouse so you can be certain these are properties that are ready to be sold.

So what I'm saying is you get EVERYTHING necessary to get you started immediately.

I don't leave anything out and I don't put anything in that isn't absolutely necessary

The 100K Blogging Formula

Why spend years struggling to make money online? 

I've done the legwork and have developed a system that has allowed me to earn more than $100k in the past year on complete autopilot.  Read more below:

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Forget about PPC, Social Bookmarking, classified ads, and other nonsense that costs you money and time that you'd rather spend having fun!

I am going to show you exactly what I do, how I do it, and why.

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme!

I will show you how to build a legal, ethical, comprehensive online empire that can bring you six-figure income in your first year alone.

Skeptical? ... I would be too.

But consider this:  $100,000 per year from 10 blogs equals $10,000 per year from each one.  $10,000 per year (per blog) equals a little over $833 per month (per blog).  $833 per month equals a little more than $27 per day.

This means that if you follow my method and each blog earns only $28 per day, YOU COULD EARN OVER $100 THOUSAND DOLLARS in one year!!

Now doesn't $28 per blog per day sound realistic?  If you had someone willing to teach you how to do this, wouldn't you want to learn?

Wouldn't you LOVE to boost your current income by $100,000 or more this year?


If I could make this kind of money, completely on autopilot, as a new internet marketer (to the tune of more than $100k) then I'm absolutely convinced that anyone can do it.

Here's the real deal:

You will finally understand how to make massive income by legal, ethical autoblogging.  I will show you all of the tools that I personally use to dominate the search engines for niche terms.

You are about to learn the secret art of Fire-And-Forget! That's why some internet marketers make huge incomes, and others struggle for pennies from Adsense, ClickBank, Ebay, Amazon, and others.  My system shows you how to take a single domain name, and a single hosting account, and spin that platform into a niche autoblogging empire; ALL ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!

101 Award-Winning Marriage Proposal Ideas

Just to prove it, the grand prize winning marriage proposal (best of all 7,300+ stories) cost the guy less than $20 to prepare.

All he used was a piece of hardware, something from the bathroom and some creativity to put it together. What he did brought his girlfriend to tears and thunderous applause from everyone who witnessed it. After you read what he did and you see the photographs, you'll be amazed too.

As a result, he won a spectacular Aruba vacation, including five-nights at the luxurious Radisson Aruba Resort. Pairs of Martini & Rossi Asti Millennium toasting flutes were to be awarded to 150 second-place winners.

In addition, I'll share dozens of ways that men (and women) popped the question very creatively using hay, Red Hots, plywood, thread, gloves, concrete, lumber, chalk, Band-Aids and X-rays. These 101 award-winning stories will inspire you and warm your heart.

In fact, after reading these stories one person wrote to me to say that she cried over every story in the book.


107 Secrets to Quickly and Easily Double Your Veterinary Practice

Do you want a proven professional marketing system for Increasing your practice while you relax and focus on veterinary medicine?
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Dear Doctor,
Are you frustrated with the money you've been making in your practice lately?
I'm willing to bet that with all the "high volume/low cost -- mediocre quality" competitors you're fighting with every day it's become tougher and tougher to make a decent living.
You're probably working your tail off every day to see more and more patients...but with less and less to show for it every month (and only more of the same in sight).
What's even worse is you have to go up against the massive pet superstores all using veterinary services as a "loss leader" just to get people into the stores to buy their overpriced pet food (that's where they really make their money

900 Pages Disney Colouring Ebook

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winnie the pooh 1
How Can Colouring Activity Build Your Kids Creativity And Character

Written By Samar Ibrahim

There would be no child who has never doodled anything. We all grew up in similar way. We grew up doodling on the walls, floors, papers and anything else we could find. Colouring activities have an immense value in our life. It taught us a lot of things that we would otherwise have failed to realize. How can colouring activity build your kids creativity and character? 

Similarly, the colouring activities that we engage our kids in will certainly improve their lives as well. Colouring activities help our kids to engage both left brain and the right brain. This in turn helps to build the creativity, practicality and character in your kid. 

Creativity refers to a trait that takes its birth from the right side of the brain and helps us make associations and build something out of nothing. It could be thoughts, things or anything. The physicality of our existence such as walking, talking, and writing are all guided and noted by our left brain. When we engage in colouring activities, creativity is at its best because we are using both our right and the left brain.

Minnie 1

We use our left brain to help us figure out the exact shape and structure of the drawing and to determine the perimeters that we should give colour to. This helps a child to strengthen his pincer point and at the same time know his boundaries. 

We engage our right brain when we actually draw the intended or unintended thing on the paper and give decide various colours and hues to give it to bring the picture to life. Even when kids doodle, they are trying to imitate something they normally see in their environment. They could just draw a crooked line and tell you that it is a rainbow! 

That picture or doodle may be far from what a rainbow actually looks like. However, you need to realise that your kid is actually trying to draw a rainbow! This shows that he is observing his environment and trying to portray it in his doodles. 

If your kid already knows how to do a proper drawing, or if you happen to buy a pre-drawn colouring book, you can see the creativity in your kid when he gives it colour. The choice of colours would tell you a lot about his likes and dislikes. Also, it will show you how observant he is of his environment. If he gives the leaf a brown colour, you could be sure he is very observant as he could have seen a dried leaf somewhere. If he paints it blue, you could speak with him why he did that and you will be able to get a reason why he did so.

Little Simba

Colouring activities also help to incorporate certain characteristics in a kid. It teaches patience, attention to detail, moods, focus etc. A lot of discipline is needed when colouring and this helps to translate that discipline in other aspects of life as well. Moreover, colouring gives a venue for the child to learn to express his innermost feelings. This will definitely help him to develop communication skills in his daily life

3,000/day Proven Cash System That Works

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I Just Bunt!

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Whether you're currently unemployed, work at a job you hate, or are looking for a way to easily make extra money by working online then you need to stop what you're doing for 5 minutes and listen carefully!

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Several years ago I was doing just what you're doing right now... looking at ways to make money online. I'm not sure what situation you're in right now, but when I started off trying to make money on the internet I had zero money and I was constantly in debt.

I remember having to finance the laptop I bought to work online with and the payments for the laptop were causing me to bounce my checks. Needless to say, I was desperate for money and the only job I could find was one that paid minimum wage.

It seemed that every time I got a little extra money for myself (birthday, gifts, pity, etc), I had to immediately spend it on my bills, and I was still losing money online even after I had bought all the "Gurus" guides on making money online.

You see, I have always been interested in making money online. I mean, the internet is everywhere, so if you can find a way to make an income online you can work anywhere you want anytime you want. The problem was that everything I tried, back fired. I always ended up paying money for an expensive guide, only to get information that was extremely confusing and hardly ever worked, and when it did work it seemed to only be a one-time temporary minor success.

After I had spent countless paychecks on useless guides telling me how to make money online, I on the verge of giving up. It seemed like the only people who were making money with those guides were the people who sold them to me. I didn't even think it was still possible to make money online by this point. The worst thing was that I had wasted so much time, effort, and money (I didn't have) to do this and I was making no progress at all. I had been working myself like a dog to get no where and couldn't take any more. Later that night I couldn't sleep and started breaking down everything I had read in the guides I had bought, when it hit me!

There are only two things you need to make money online...a product to sell and way to get steady visitors to the site. I had gotten so side-tracked by the useless fluff in all the guides that I had forgotten this main point!

I immediately starting planning out my final attempt to make money online...after all I really had nothing to lose and a possibility to achieve my dream. As I was planning out my approach I decided I could really only afford to test one product and one traffic source...and what traffic source could be better than the worlds most popular search engine...Google!

Also, unlike the gurus, I didn't have a top of the line website of my own. In fact, I didn't have a website at all. I had discovered that there are thousands of websites online that pay people to sell their products for them on the internet and each time you made a sale, they paid you a commission on the sale you made. So I was going to use this approach instead of spending money and taking time to get a website of my own.

The next day I created my advertisement as soon as I could (I already had the product picked out that I was going to sell) and left for work. When I returned I was so tired that I forgot to check my account. It wasn't until I woke up the next morning and saw my laptop that I realized I hadn't checked my account yet.

Butterflies got in my stomach as I opened my account because I was certain my attempts were going to be another failure, but when I opened my account I about fell out of my chair...

I couldn't believe it! I had made $44 in sales! That was just over half of what I would have been paid in a full days work. I thought I was dreaming because I put such little time into creating the advertisement that I nearly forgot about it!

Each day I spent more and more time improving my advertisements, getting more visitors to the site, and managing everything. It didn't seem like work to me because every day was different and my work always showed results. Best of all, on days I couldn't work, my advertisements kept making me money!

The day I made my $44 sale was in early September, and each week my sales increased. I remember visiting with my uncle in November telling him that I was making $200 per day online. After I said this he thought for a second, looked at me and said "Steven...that's over $72,000 per year!". When he told me that I felt dizzy...I had never even realized that I was making that much money! I mean, I had literally just started doing this three months prior and I remember it was so easy to do this that each time I got a pay check I was scared the bank would tell me the money wasn't real. My whole life I was taught that in order to make money you had to work hard and the harder you worked the more money you made, but this was completely the opposite because I worked when I wanted to and when I didn't work I still made money!


The very next day I went to my job and I told my boss that I was leaving. I wasn't scared or nervous...in fact I was excited because I wondered how much money I could make with my full focus on this.

I'm not going to lie and say that by some miracle I was able to instantly become an online millionaire. In fact, it was just the opposite. I decided that since the "Guru" guides never helped me in the past, there was no reason for me to spend my hard earned money on their crappy guides anymore. From now on I was going to only follow my own techniques and forget any of their garbage which had hurt my success.

Because of this, I learned the hard way...through trial and error, and yes, I did make a lot of mistakes...some of which were costly. But by the following August, I was making well over $600 per day on average, and once or twice a month I had a good sales day where my sales would top $1,000 in a day!

Then the following month I accidentally stumbled on a secret that I had never even remotely considered before and in fact all the guru's said not to do this! It was only by my continuous testing and tweaking that I was able to find this technique everyone had shunned just because all the "Gurus" said not to do it.

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I couldn't believe it. I thought something was wrong, because there was no way that something which took me less than an hour to do made me $200 more dollars each day. I kept waiting for the money to lower to a more realistic amount, but it never did.

I knew I had just scratched the surface of this new technique I had found, so I spent days tweaking it and digging deeper into it, and I kept doing this until I felt that I had taken full advantage of this secret.

Each time I deposited a check into my bank account I said to myself "well this has been a good run, but there's no way I'll ever deposit a check bigger than this", but I was wrong...very wrong. My checks kept getting bigger and bigger that they stopped mailing them to me in envelops and began sending them in overnight express priority folders and the bank said they were going to have to start holding the checks to validate the amounts on them.

By the time November came around I was making over $10,000 per week profit and still couldn't believe it. When I met with my family over Thanksgiving, I didn't dare tell anyone how much money I was making because I thought as soon as I did, my money making streak would end and then I would have to say "never mind, it was only a temporary thing".

Even though I didn't tell them anything about my income besides "my online 'business' is doing ok", they started noticing subtle differences in me. I stopped talking about my loans and bills (because I had them all paid off by this point). Whenever they were talking about finances and planning for the future they used examples of "$1,000 will do this over a year" while I used examples like "$100,000 can do this in a year". Whenever I went shopping I went to the most expensive high quality items first and never even looked at the price of the items when I was comparing them. But probably the most obvious sign was when I went out and bought a brand new sports car and paid with it in cash. Don't worry, I wasn't stupid and kept it under $35,000...after all I didn't want to rub it into everyone's face who had figured out I was making more money than I knew what to do with.

At that point I really stopped working as hard and started to relax more. The most I would ever work was 4 hours per day a few days a week...and even with this little amount of work, my income was still increasing! Some of you might be saying "why stop and not keep going to make more money?".

If you're asking that question, I'll tell you why...by January I was making over $80,000 profit per month. If you've ever made $80,000 profit in one month, then congratulations because you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who haven't yet reached that income level yet, let me explain. When you're making that much money and you're not required to work to keep making that amount of money, it's hard to motivate yourself to work more than 4 hours per day 3 days a week. Trust me, when you get to this point, you'll completely understand. 


Access The 'Back-Door' Of Your Mind

Are you still smoking, overweight, low on energy, unable to find that special someone?...

Are you overworked and underpaid, stressed out all the time, or cursed with little self confidence?...
What if I told you there was a way you could solve these problems (and more) with only a click of one button, sitting right there in front of your computer, would you be interested?

Imagine with me for a moment you are having some problem in your life, whether it's an addiction to food or drugs, depression over the loss of a loved one, financial insecurity, whatever it might be...

Now here you are sitting down at your computer. You flip the switch on a little piece of software, pinpoint the exact change you want to make in your life, then you hit the "start" button.

That's it.

From that point forward, you work on your computer as you always have and in the background that software is silently running, causing you to magically change for the better, working on the specific problem area you want to change most -- then changing it for you without you lifting a finger.

Sounds too good to be true, I realize. But before you go clicking the "back" button, let me assure you this is not some fairy tale. This software is the real deal, and if you'll open your mind with me for the next few minutes I will show you how it can work for you just like it's worked for countless others.

  I was skeptical just like you once, but my problems far outweighed my doubt...
Just a few short years ago, I was winning at life. I had a healthy daily routine which involved exercise and eating right, along with a fulfilling career.

One tragic life event later and I'm looking in the mirror at an overweight, pack and a half per day smoker with little confidence who's not so thrilled with his life anymore.

I desperately needed a change.

So I started searching the Internet and buying up all the "self help" material I could find, but each "method" I tried ended with little or no results.

Throughout my trials and frustrations I learned some important facts:

Each cigarette I smoked reduced my life by an average of 11 minutes!

Over HALF of long-term smokers will die a tobacco related death!

Over 70% of Cardiovascular disease is directly related to obesity!

Stress is the #1 KILLER of middle-aged adults!

To my despair, I realized I was headed down a dark and destructive path. But instead of turning to cigarettes and food to ease my pain, I made a vow to change.

They say when we make a true commitment the right people, places, and events fall magically into place, and that's exactly what happened for me.


Fast forward a few months later and I was given the privilege to learn about hypno-therapy and the power of the subconscience mind. Over the weeks to come I learned ways to program myself and my thinking that resulted in dramatic positive change across every aspect of my entire life.

First and foremost I was able to quit smoking. I lost over 60 pounds and I was exercising again. I was in a new and exciting relationship, my career was taking off, things couldn't have been better.

From the outside looking in, life was a box of chocolates. But for some reason I still wasn't completely happy and fulfilled. It's as though no matter how hard I tried, there was still something missing.

Then it hit me. In order for me to truly be happy, I had to reach out and help other people, giving back all that I had learned. For once in my life I was on a mission:

To create the ultimate program that would entwine the mystery of hypno-therapy and the power of the subconscience mind in such a
way that ANYONE truly could change ANY area of their life...
...once and for all -- with no gimmicks, just results!

And that's what I did.

But unlike "therapy", I am talking about a different approach to therapy, a backdoor to the mind...

Allow me to introduce the Hypno-Doctor and how this simple program can bypass the conscious mind and DIRECTLY ACCESS the subconscious mind with ...Subliminal Technology!!!
Like magic you will easily be able to:

      Learn how you can quit smoking and lose weight at the same time.

      Dramatically increase your energy level without using harmful drugs.

      Short circuit any craving you're having...chocolate, cigarettes, doesn't matter!

      Discover insider secrets to creating financial freedom for yourself and your family.

      Get more dates than ever before without even trying.

      Quickly melt away stress and enjoy life, effortlessly, watch it disappear.

      Become the smartest person you know by increasing your IQ up to 20 points.

      Discover how happy married couples stay connected to each other on a new level.

      Learn how to double your productivity by cutting your study time in half.

      Have "the best" night's sleep you've ever experienced, waking up more revitalized.

      Finally have peace of mind by silencing the inner voice of negativity.

      Make one tiny little change that can help you regain control of your life.


The Acid Reflux & Gerd All-Natural Healing & Curing Program

What Makes This All-Natural Program So Effective?

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Permanently - Do you know that the vast majority of the individuals that seek traditional western medical treatments for acid reflux, GERD and heartburn fail to cure their symptoms?

The failure rate is well over 90%, which is staggering. If you want to be in the small percentage that actually rids themselves of these hideous health conditions we can teach you how to do it quickly, naturally and effectively!

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Naturally - Traditional Western medicine treats acid reflux and GERD with the assertion that if we can stop or counteract the hydrochloric acid formed in our stomachs, we can eliminate the problem. After all, if the acid is causing the pain, then remove the acid, correct?

This can definitely help certain individuals for short periods; it doesn't offer a long-term solution. The truth is that while this approach solves a portion of the problem, the symptoms, it does not offer a life-time cure.

In this program you will learn all natural, extremely safe and highly effective remedies that will allow you to heal these diseases permanently. This a very efficient approach and if you follow its recommendations you will feel better immediately and in a short time you will not even remember what the pain was ever like.

The Program Cures Acid Reflux and GERD Without Prescription Medications or Antacids - Today we are inundated with never-ending advertising which results in many people going to their doctors looking for quick relief.

They are often prescribed drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), (H)2-Receptor Blockers and/or antacids when they have pain caused by acid reflux or GERD.

While these treatments may offer short-term pain relief, they certainly are NOT A CURE and do not allow the patient to live a pain free life.

Additionally, when these remedies are used for long periods they can hide the indicators your body is conveying that stop you from finding the actual causes of your acid reflux or GERD.

It is now possible for you to learn how to cure your acid reflux, GERD and heartburn without the use of any drugs what so ever, and completely eliminate the dreadful side effects that the people taking them often experience.


Acting Career Quick Start

Know what to do to be able to WORK WITH YOUR AGENT to get even more auditions than you are already getting?
Learn why JOINING SAG IS THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO at the beginning of your acting career!
Know what it's like to work on the set of a film, television show or commercials
The kinds of jobs you need that will allow you to make money AND at the same time be able to dedicate most of your time to you acting career? (Here's a hint: It's not waiting tables!)

Know if you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be an actor and if you don't, how you can get IT?
Know what MOST ACTORS DON'T KNOW about HOW TO USE CASTING/AUDITION websites to dramatically increase your chances of getting called in for auditions?
The secrets to writing and structuring a cover letter that will get you called in for an agent interview?
Learn how to GET OVER STAGE FRIGHT and feel comfortable auditioning or performing on stage?

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